East Yorkshire

History of East Yorkshire

Yorkshire, particularly East Yorkshire on the coast, has a rich history and culture.

Prehistoric Yorkshire

In the year of 7,000 BC Yorkshire would look very different to how it does today. In those days it was completely forested. At that time the first people arrived. They were Stone Age hunters and gatherers. They killed the abundant wildlife in Yorkshire such as deer and boar. Then in 3,000 BC Stone Age farmers arrived. They began the lengthy process of cutting down the forests to make way for farming. In about 1800 BC they were followed by farmers who made bronze tools and weapons.

Yorkshire in the Middle Ages

Following the Norman Conquest, Harald Hardrada, the king of Norway, invaded England. His army went along the Humber and the Ouse. But after they landed they were completely beaten by the English at the battle of Stamford Bridge.

Not long afterwards William Duke of Normandy won the battle of Hastings and was made king of England.

In 1086 the Yorkshire people rose in rebellion. William marched to York and built a fort there. However when he left the area in 1069 the North rose in rebellion again. This time William took drastic action by burning all the stores of food and the crops in the fields. They also killed domestic animals and destroyed farm tools. This 'scorched earth' policy was called the Harrying of the North. The result of this was that many people in Yorkshire starved to death.


Places to visit in East Yorkshire

We've picked some of our favourite destinations from across Yorkshire. These hidden secrets encapsulate the very character of Yorkshire, from the soaring natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales to the rugged beaches of the Yorkshire Coast, and from the urban charm of Leeds to York's ancient cobbled streets. Whatever you're looking for we'll help you to discover the Yorkshire destinations that are perfectly suited to you.

Yorkshire's Hidden Gems

If you're fond of twee villages with a real sense of grit and the past, glorious coastlines, wild moors and dales where you won't see anyone and cosmopolitan cities that are brimming with character then you'll love God's Own Country. The biggest county in England, shaped by industry and home to a wealth of literature, culture and stunning scenery, is the perfect destination for a quick break or a longer holiday – offering you the chance to discover Yorkshire's stunning diversity.

Out and about in Yorkshire

With three National Parks, and many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Pennines and a gorgeous coastline, we have all the natural ingredients to excite every kind of outdoor enthusiast. The only thing missing is you.

From rock climbing, caving and mountain biking to trekking, canoeing and surfing, we spotlight the incredible range of activities there are to do. We've also got a calendar of exciting outdoor events for every season to tempt you, whether you want a challenge or just want to lend your support to the competitors.


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